CW ENERJI MUHENDISLIK TICARET VE SANAYI ANONIM SIRKETI Photovoltaic Module, Solar Connection Equipment, Solar Irrigation System, Solar Power Box, Solar Charge Controller, Inverter, Inverter Tier, Solar Monitoring Device
WISE ENERJI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Modular Switchgear, Load Disconnector, Breakers, Pantograph Disconnectors, Concrete Kiosks, Oil Transformers, Dry Type Transformers, Reactors

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100% of the energy released in the "ISTA BREEZE" Altinel with the brand in the Turkish manufacturing of wind roses have entered into service with the Istanbul-Beylikduzu factory. 2 years warranty service and spare parts shows that high performance and durability of our products compared to their equivalents. 500 W and 1000 W model, which is currently available for sale in Turkey and all over the world began to reach the first customers. The production of 3 kW, 5 kW and also , 10 kW models will soon be initiated.
Our Company, NNS Co. Ltd. is established to supply technological support and advanced products to industry with Turkey and English partners in mid of 2007. The Company is located in Bursa / Turkey and day by day, our product range is being large with experienced engineers. “NNS Ltd.” has gained a decent place on the industrial market i Turkey, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Gabon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Macedonia, Greece. With its own research, development and design work continunes on the production and import, increase the product variety improving itselfs every day. Nowaday, the provides services to many institutions such as state railways, airports, stadiums, universities, state hospitals, operating rooms, military institutions. Our company contriburtes to Turkish industry, by exporting more than forty countries and adding new countries to its portfilio.
Mina Galvanize, the youngest galvanization and the metal processing factory in the galvanizing industry, was established in Diyarbakir in 2013 . Mina Galvanize is pursuing its operations in 40 thousand square meters area and the 16 thousand square meter of the total factory area is covered. Mina Galvanize is one of the rapidly growing galvanize and manufacturing companies in the market. The goal of the company to become a preferred and respected global company with high technology manufacturing instruments. The Main capital of Mina Galvanize is human sources and has provided 250 staff employed within short time. Development of the industry is depended on the quality of the staffs employed. As a result qualified employees brings the succes. The aim of Mina Galvanize is to gain high quality brand value to Diyarbakir. The production capacity of mina Galvaniz is 60 thousand production per year. With this production capacity high demand in the market is satisfied both in Turkey and overseas. In the Factory, hot-dipped galvanized coated materials, lighting poles, energy transmission lines, guardrails, GSM operator poles, steel construction products are manufactured for electricity distribution companies, GMS Operators, Energy and Construction companies. Galvanization is best way to protect nature among industrial applications. We are very proud to make a major contribution to the next generations’ health and nature.
WISE ENERGY, which was founded in 2010, has aim to meet the needs of contractors in the energy and power sector both in international and local market especially for projects. In the context of international trade and cooperation with foreign contractors, WISE ENERGY has been started from Turkey, with bringing electrical materials in Azerbaijan. And, within 6 years, it has won the trust of customers in different countries. Countries we trade with; Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Moritania and Iraq. The desire and honor of WISE ENERGY is reaching the best level of customer satisfaction. WISE ENERGY, with the experience of our engineers, we meet our customers requested products & services with the economic means which enables us to serve the product & services without difficulties.
Tesla Global started its business life in 2010 to operate in the energy sector. It continues to exist as a supplier and manufacturer in the sectors needed globally by closely following the world since 2010. Tesla Global is a network of commercial collaborations,It draws its strength from its existing partners, develops new sectors with them and manages the process in line with our interests. We started our business life as an intermediate wholesaler in the energy sector in 2010, and today, it operates in many sectors, primarily in the Energy, Agriculture, Food, Mining and Construction sectors.
About Celikler Demir Direk " Celikler Lattice Tower ", with its experience since its establishment in 1970, has specialized in Energy Transmission Line Poles, Distribution Poles, Transformer Center Steel Constructions, GSM Towers. Our company, which is close to technology, realizes production by adopting zero-error principle in recent years together with CNC machines. In addition, it has gained an important place in the sector in full-time production by providing Organization-Production-Customer information flow with the Energy Transmission Line ERP software developed and developed within itself. It has always aimed to complete its projects in cooperation with customers. As a result, it has acquired more than 1000 customer portfolio and increases this number day by day.
Our company has been established for managing energy with best efficiency in our country and providing services with our expert and experienced staffs for industrial automationfield which has a very important role in ever-growing electronics sector. We are one of the leading manufacturer of Industrial Electronics, producing variable “industrial protection products, control relays and measuring equipment”. Our aim is to provide quality products for end users by using the technology developedon the basis of customer satisfaction and to put specific products in industrial electronics sector on the local market in accordance with customer demands and expectations. We provide our dear customers with easily accessable products and also pre-sale andafter-sale services thanks to distributors and agents all around the world.
CW ENERJI MUH. TIC. VE SAN. A.S. , established in 2010, is a manufacturer and service company in the photovoltaic power generation sector. Cw Enerji serves solar power plant investment and technical consulting, projecting, system design, power plant installations, licensing and operation, as well as licensed and unlicensed production regulations in relation to solar power plants projects planning, designing, financing, implementation and general maintenance matters. Apart from industrial installations, it also offers solution for domestic and home roofing solar panel systems installation. CW ENERJI MUH. TIC. VE SAN. A.S. with the brand “Cw Enerji” and with the powerful partnerships in Far Asia and Germany; carries out photovoltaic panel production. Services include On-Grid Systems, Off-Grid Systems, Solar Energy Irrigation Systems, LED Lighting Systems, Solar Energy Camera Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations also Turnkey Projects are avaliable. Our priority mission is a conception that does not compromise on quality and customer satisfaction. Wherever the sun is shining, we will be pleased to see you!
Invest Engineering Co. Ltd was founded based long times experience in engineering and automation and now continues it's business activity under this name.We have many years of experience in Water Pumps Station, Medium Voltage Projects, Industrial Automation,Led Lighting Systems ,Solar Systems Projects,Cooling- Ventilation -Hvac Systems manufacturer and Energy Efficency Solutions .We are motivated by the challenges posed by customers working in demanding environments With developing and changing technology, user expectations are increasing constantly in the world, a company' s future is depending on client confidence, quality and services that offer high-quality products for the market. It's the main target of our company to think about the unique needs of each customer and respond to them so we have determined it as basic principles of our work. As a part of our project we use our combined experience and technical innovation in this sector. The accumulation of experience lets us use this technology not only in the newly established facilities, but also in the preinstalled ones and provide support of the system. Our vision is to become one of the fastest growing companies in the automation market in Turkey by providing reasonable prices, high quality and advanced technology. To success while keeping up with technologies, our team believes that every aspect of the efficient and observable system should be monitored and also we check products and installation at every stage, avoiding mistakes that's why efficiency and quality of our products will continue increasing. Our goal is entering local and global market using professionally modern technologies. Our company's main areas of expertise can be summarized as follows: Engineering and Automation Services Led Lighting systems Drinking and waste pump stations Driver and Softstarter sales, repair, commissioning, preventative maintenance Medium Voltage Soft Starters driver and device sales, repair, preventive maintenance, commissioning PLC and SCADA Solutions, Automation Machine, HVAC, pump, fan Water and Wastewater Automation Wireless Communication Systems Energy efficiency consulting Solar systems
ARTAS is leading specialized company in environmental protection technologies, particularly biogas, water and wastewater treatment field, since its foundation in 1982. ARTAS, engineering, manufacturing and contracting firm, has a powerful background, which allows us to give the perfect service to our customers. We realize all facilities regarding environmental, mechanical, electrical, automation, and if requested construction engineering of all undertaken plants. ARTAS has stricken its background by transferring technology from globally well-known companies. ARTAS is the largest company in Turkey in its field with more than 120 employees and over 400 references. Besides being one of the pioneers of its specialized field, continuous technological leadership and contemporaneity, international vision are ARTAS’ values and characteristics. In addition to its own abilities, ARTAS cooperates with well-known specialized international engineering, manufacturing and contracting companies. With this background and license agreements ARTAS designs and builds; • Waste water treatment technologies; physical, chemical, aerobic-anaerobic biological treatment, nitrification-denitrification • Water treatment technologies; filtration, softening, demineralization, dealkalization via licensed fluidized bed ion exchange, membrane technologies, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, sterilization (UV, liquid-gas chlorination), ozon, arsenic treatment • Solid waste (sludge, hospital wastes, etc.) technologies; dewatering, incineration, and composting plants ARTAS contracts; • Domestic-industrial waste water (and sludge) treatment, recycling • Biogas production-management-utilization • Potable and domestic-industrial process water production • Solid waste disposal, management and reuse plants ARTAS provides; • Design, • Detailed engineering • Manufacturing, • Mounting, • Erection, • Research and Development • Consulting, • Supervision • Start-up, • Training, • Operation, • After-sales service in Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Russia, CIS Countries and UAE. ARTAS has CE marked equipments, TS-EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, TS-EN ISO 14001:2011 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Systems certificates.