Submersible Control Relays TDK-01

TDK-XX three-phase relays for controlling motor pumps are designed for protecting motor pumps and water motors against failure likely to arise from dry operation and also current and voltage fluctuations. When you energize the device by connecting it according to the connection diagram, you should make required adjustment in terms of voltage and current values. Default settings may not be suitable for the pump to be used. Note : Do not use electrode liquid level relays with flammable and explosive liquids. • While the pump is draining water within the well, do not directly contact (using, drinking or swimming) with water. Otherwise, if the material isolating water from energy is damaged, serious injuries or even death may occur. • High and low voltage can be adjusted, • High and low current can be adjusted, • Demurrage (starting) Multiplier and time can be adjusted, • Current auto reset time and current auto reset number can be adjusted, • Current error waiting time can be adjusted, • Motor maintenance time can be adjusted, • It can be operated in flasher mode, • High and low cosine can be adjusted, • Liquid conductivity level can be adjusted, It can be used with star-delta contactor terminals, It can be operated without electrode. • It prolongs the life of electrodes, • Upper electrode waiting time can be adjusted, • It controls wells via electrode and controls tanks via float.
Submersible Control Relays TDK-01
  • Submersible Control Relays TDK-01


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